How to conduct A/B testing with Google Optimize

I am going to explain about using Google Optimize for A/B testing.
Test website variations to see how these changes will influence customers’ behavior.
This is like Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer.
the basic tool is completely free and easy to use, it integrates with your Google Analytics data.
This gives you a complete picture of what’s going on.
Plus, you can tweak anything with a few clicks on the mouse.
Your text, images, the layout, and you can do this all for any segment of customers. 
You can keep your testing simple by tweaking headlines on your page,
You can consider complete layout changes. And once your testing is complete, You can even deploy the winning variant.
Google Optimize Website:
You can log in with a Google account, and select get started. Here you can opt into any emails, select your account settings, and agree to the terms and conditions. 
From here, you can continue to build up all kinds of A/B testing quick and efficient manner.
It will help to optimize and improve your marketing pages.
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What Is Ab Testing?

A/B or split testing is a method for comparing two versions of a webpage: version A (control group) gets the version “original” from the beginning of the website launch, and version B (treatment group) gets a new version with the new content.

What Is Ab Testing in Marketing?

AB testing in marketing In the world of marketing and sales, A/B testing is the marketing practice of testing two versions against each other.

What Is Ab Split Testing?

Continuous A/B testing is a form of split testing that involves having many different versions of the same element and continuously evaluating which performs the best.