Opportunities in Qatar for Food & Drinks Business


Latest Updates and Industry Developments

We project that food sale will average a robust 7.6% average annual growth rate between 2018 and 2022 and that non- alcoholic drinks will expand at 8.2% annually during the same period.

SWOT Analysis of Qatar Food Business

Key Strengths

  •  Qatar boasts a high-income consumer base and well-developed premiumisation channels.
  •  The business environment is strong.
  •  The country has a sizeable and growing high-spending expatriate population.
  •  Qatar is home to one of the world’s highest per capita soft drinks consumer bases.

Key Weaknesses

  •  It is heavily reliant on food and drinks imports to meet domestic demand.
  •  The country has one of the smallest populations in the Gulf region, at around 2.7mn.
  •  The outlook for the agricultural sector is limited by the small size of the country and the hot, arid climate.
  •  Strict legislation severely restricts the sale of alcoholic drinks, curbing growth opportunities in this sector.


Key Opportunities

  •  Scope for even greater premiumisation could lead to growth across the food and drink sector.
  •  Rising health-consciousness has signi cantly increased opportunities for food and drink producers that are able to introduce ‘healthy’ or ‘light’ options.
  •  Demand for organic food is steadily increasing as the food-processing industry becomes more segmented.
  •  World Cup 2022 will provide exposure for the country as a tourist destination.
  •  In the retail segment, busier lifestyles are opening up opportunities for neighbourhood convenience store launches as consumers seek alternatives to busy mall-attached outlets.


Key threats

  • There is a risk that the government may introduce measures aimed at tackling the consumption of unhealthy food and drink products under a new selective taxes law, currently in draft.
  •  The limited long-term volume potential of the food retail sector means that possible entrants will be pressed to enter sooner rather than later
  •  The prolonged diplomatic dispute with the GCC will weigh on consumer con dence in the short term, although only to a modest extent.
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Note: Some information, analysis, forecasts and data purchased by Business Monitor International Ltd.

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