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Growth Hacking: New field in marketing focus on growth.

Growth Hacking: New field in marketing focus on growth

Every entrepreneur & business owner wishes to do everything needed to grow their business/start-up. Today the innovation, data and technology are considered as the most important resource/tool for companies growth than ever before. For driving growth using these new tools and other growth hacking strategies, companies require a Growth Hacker; a cross-functional multi-tasking person with…

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How to Build your Content Marketing Strategy

Build your first Content Marketing Strategy

Businesses are increasingly using content marketing to build a good reputation.  The initial challenge is breaking through  the deluge of advertising that has reduced  consumers’ willingness to pay attention.  At the same time, your customers need and want information  that enlivens their work, deepens their sensibilities,  or provides something informative and useful.  Providing superb content…

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