Businesses are increasingly using content marketing to build a good reputation.  The initial challenge is breaking through  the deluge of advertising that has reduced  consumers’ willingness to pay attention.  At the same time, your customers need and want information  that enlivens their work, deepens their sensibilities,  or provides something informative and useful.  Providing superb content is among the most effective ways  to reach the people in your company’s audience,  and stay at the top of their minds.  If you prepare the content yourself,  you can display your authenticity and honesty.  If you work with a team, establish content guidelines  to ensure consistency.  If you aren’t accustomed to providing content  on an ongoing basis, you may worry about  generating ideas and finding sufficient time  to research and write your material.  Follow four best practices.  

1- Set the right goals, and document your strategy.  Always know why you’re preparing a piece of content.  Establish a specific plan that details  how you intend to go from defining an idea  to distributing the completed content. 

  1. Knowledge extraction and management.  Create a method for focusing on  ideas that will attract people.  Seek guidance from your audience.  Update your content as your industry changes. 
  2. Commit to a process of content creation.  Make creating content enjoyable.  Hire people with the requisite skills  to imagine and execute outstanding content.  Fourth, publication and distribution. Develop effective ways to distribute your content.  Your methods of distribution may have to change  as new avenues for sharing content emerge.  

Marketing consultant and author Simon Sinek  explains that “ Consumers  by from you not because of what you do, but because of why you do it.”  

He suggests that what you do reflects  what you stand for as a person.  

When you communicate, concentrate on ideas that you consider fundamental to your existence.  Identify your core values.  When you speak from a position of genuine interest  and concern, others can discover who you are  and what values you hold dear. 

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