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80% of new products fail. What are the other 20% doing right? Companies that see new products thrive did strategic planning to make it happen. Abdul has the experties, to sucessfully launch your product into the marketplace the right way.

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Product launch with Abdul Ali

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I believe in launching products like Steve Jobs; launch your next product with me to build buzz.

Product Launch Plan

  • Phase I: Discovery Phase – Initial Planning | Timing: 6-9 months before launch date
  • Phase II: Pre-launch | Timing: 3 months before launch date
  • Phase III: Sales and Channel Partner Launch | Timing: 1 month before launch date
  • Phase IV: Launch Day
  • Phase V: Post-launch and Follow-up | Timing: 3+ months after launch, depending on the length of your sales cycle

Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy

When you launch a new product or enter a new market, it’s crucial to have a roadmap that sets you up for success and the means to track the growth. I can help you with creating a go-to-market (GTM) strategy for your next product or service.


Extract your story the world needs to hear.

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Position your Product Launch for success.

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Showcase your product creative to performs well.

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Grow your traffic

During launch process, activate all marketing assets.


Increase your sales

Develop reward options to maximise campaign orders.

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Product Launch


Successful Rate

I had the pleasure of working with Abdul Ali in Unilever. As a colleague or a leader, Abdul earns my highest recommendation. He has passion in every thing he does and set examples which can be taken by everyone in the team. He works as he is the entrepreneur of the task dedicated to him and hence I feel that has been his mantra for his sucess. Also he is well equipped with information technology and digital marketing which helps him to be ahead of all. I would like to wish him best of luck for his future projects..
Harshal Kambli

Customer Marketing- Unilever

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