Hey, Welcome to another topic of growth hacking 

I want to share with you a clever way to growth hack your content. 

Let’s say that you’ve published a blog article or a post on, say, Medium, and you’re just not getting a lot of traction. Well, what could you do? Well, my thought is you could identify key participants or influencers and then buy ads serving up your article directly to those people in hopes that they’ll like it, share it, and promote it to their audience. 

For example, on Medium, I could find other high-value influencers that publish on Medium, or I could find editors on Medium who might select my article as an editor’s pick, or if I post it on my blog, I might seek out journalists or other influencers that have platforms to re-promote my content.

My hope is that I can gain some traction. So one thing that I can do is explore the top stories that were picked by a particular platform. In this case, on Medium, I could look at all the recommended articles that the staff at Medium have selected. From there, I can see either who selected the top picks or the writers of the top picks and then see if I can identify any other information about that person. I may pull up their profile, see if I can get a Twitter handle, or grab their name or even where they work.

That’ll give me a list of influential participants. Another opportunity is to search Twitter, so I pulled up Twitter’s advanced search, which you can get to by going to Twitter.com/search-advanced, and I might say I’m looking for anyone that is an editor at Medium. So I may put that in the All of these words.

 Alternatively, you can say Medium, Medium.com, or @Medium in Any of these words, and it’ll select any of those as an Or and then simply run your search, and then select people from the options at the top. And now you can go through and filter through this list to see if any of these folks are influencers, at Medium Editors or even staff, and then you can copy their Twitter name. What you can do from here is create a new tailored audience in the Twitter ads audience manager. You’ll get there by going to Ads.Twitter.com and then selecting Audience Manager from Tools.

Create a CSV file listing all of the users that you found on Twitter.

 Now you do need a minimum of 100, but as long as you have 100 or more, you can advertise specifically to those users. So now, I’m simply going to upload this list, create a tweet promoting my article, and then I’m going to market it to this audience. Now, my hope is that this person may like it, they may retweet it, may share it with a coworker who happens to be an editor, and then they, in turn, will pick that for their publishing platform. Ultimately, I believe that you can do this for an incredibly low price point. 

You might be able to do this for 25 to 50 bucks if that. And it’s going to put you in front of all of the folks that are prominent in the ability to promote your content.

Thanks for checking in. I’d love to hear what you think of this growth hack, so connect with me on Twitter via @abdulali_khan or on LinkedIn and let me know what you thought.