Hi, I'm Abdul Ali

An entrepreneur, growth strategist and a digital marketer with over 13+ years of experience managing start-up businesses, working with Unilever and McCormick & Co.
I possess a proven record in managing cross-functional teams and companies from scratch to expansion and have a passion for learning, sharing the stories, good news, and co-creating value.

What I Do

Growth Strategies

I approach multidisciplinary activity for profit, attract prospects turn into leads to customers. Deliver value to customers to buy, and ensure more money flows in than out. I add value to crucial activities for efficiency to generate profit.

Business Development

I develop strategies for new customer acquisition, penetration, and retention to increase revenue. I have experience managing sales channels per business needs such as wholesale, retail, online, in-store, direct-to-consumer, and B2B.

Business Analysis

I analyze data, identify solutions, and help find untapped customer segments for potential growth and profitability. Enables product teams to upgrade product functionality, capabilities, and new product development.

Strategic Partnerships

I work with stakeholders to co-create growth and value; moreover, I take the initiative to build partnerships to access new markets or technology, economies of scale, bring a new product or service to market faster, and evaluate benefits and risks.

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